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Making the Most of Development Potential

Approximately 1%—around 100 tracts—of trust lands are managed by the Development Group with the objective to capitalize on the development potential lands by carefully working with the private sector, local governments, and other interested parties.

The Development Group creates value by placing these lands into well-structured, creative transactions. Activities include land planning, working with cities and counties on entitlement, and in some cases installing infrastructure.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Periodically, the Development Group distributes proposal requests for the development of specific parcels. Transaction structures ranging from simple small parcel property sales to complex partnerships like developmental leases on large parcels are considered.

Developmental leases enable a partner to improve, subdivide, and sell land without taking title to the land. Trust Lands retains the title, and the partner provides the infrastructure, capital, and expertise. The Trust is compensated with an annual payment and receives a percentage of the gross selling price at the time a lot is sold to a third party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Development Group oversees approximately 1% of the lands managed by the Trust. When the Development Group identifies a land parcel with development potential, the director designates it as development land after reaching consensus among all agency managers.

Contact Trust Lands with your transaction proposal. Please be prepared to identify the location of the land, including township, range, section, or specific street address. The Development Group periodically distributes Requests for Proposals for specific parcels.

The Development Group applies real estate development, land planning, land conservation, legal, and finance disciplines in its management of trust land properties designated for development. We create value by working with the private sector, governmental agencies, and other interested parties on the tracts of land we manage. We capture this value by taking these lands into well structured, creative transactions with the private sector, always with an eye toward quality planning, preserving open space, and meeting larger community needs.

All Trust Lands procurement bids are solicited using U3P. Registration on U3P is free and allows you to request e-mail notifications of newly-released solicitations in your field. For information about using U3P visit the Utah Division of Purchasing and General Services.

For services that are anticipated to cost less than $50,000, Trust Lands maintains a list of pre-qualified professionals from whom the agency may procure services, without going through the competitive process. Service providers interested in becoming pre-qualified vendors should submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). SOQs are solicited annually via U3P, but are accepted at any time by emailing

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