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Created in 1994, Trust Lands is an independent state agency responsible for managing trust lands throughout Utah.

  AboutWho We Are

Trust Land Stewards

We are stewards of Utah’s trust lands and are responsible for generating revenue from them for the benefit of public schools and other important state institutions—both now and for future generations. Our mission is to enhance the value of trust lands and maximize economic return for our beneficiaries. When The Trust Lands Administration was created the Permanent Fund was $50 million and has since grown to over $3.2 billion.

Utilizing the Trust Lands

We transform trust land assets into greater economic prosperity for our beneficiaries and local communities. Trust Lands generate revenue through energy development, real estate planning, and surface resource use.

Sales & Leases

Energy & Minerals

Real Estate Planning & Development

Rights of Entry

Supporting Utah Schools and Institutions

We see a bright future for Utah with the revenue generated for our beneficiaries through evolving and strategic land management. Since its inception, The Trust Lands Administration has generated $1.96 billion for the Permanent School Fund and other institutional endowments.

Trust Lands Stewardship & Conservation

Our fiduciary duty includes the responsibility to preserve these resources for the long-term support of trust beneficiaries, primarily Utah’s school children of today and tomorrow.

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