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Special Use Leases

[PHOTO:  HIDDEN LAKE]                     

Trust lands are available to lease for a variety of purposes including commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, telecommunications and governmental uses. Information about each particular leasing program can be found below. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the responsible staff member for more information prior to submitting an application.

Typical requirements for obtaining a special use lease may include the following:

  • Submission of a lease application form.
  • A plan of development or similar document detailing the intended purpose of the proposed lease.
  • Maps and/or diagrams detailing the location and footprint of the proposed lease and the proposed site layout.
  • Surveyed legal description of lease footprint.
  • Payment of required application and processing fees.
  • Cultural resources (archaeological) survey.
  • Paleontological resources survey.
  • Review by the State Resource Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC).
  • Advertising for competing applications.
  • Appropriate financial assurance (i.e. bonding).
  •  Appropriate insurance coverage (liability, workmen’s compensation, etc.)
  •  Payment of annual rentals, percentage rents, and/or royalties.

Agricultural Leases

Commercial Leases

Governmental Leases

Industrial Leases

Residential Leases

Telecommunications Leases