Tooele County Burmester Road

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) has received interest in approximately 80 acres of property located adjacent to Burmester Road in Tooele County, Utah.  The parcel is currently zoned as MU-40 and is located in the S2NW4 of section 5, Township 2 South, Range 5 West, SLB&M.   – See Map  SITLA is soliciting other proposals to purchase, lease or otherwise propose a transaction to use all or a portion of the 80-acre parcel.  Any qualified entity wishing to submit a proposal for this property may do so until 4:30 PM MST on February 16, 2023.  No water rights are attached to this property.  The area is vegetated with native grasses and brush.  SITLA will reserve all mineral rights as well as sand and gravel.  Any rock material extraction will require additional mineral leases from SITLA.  SITLA may decide, in its sole discretion, to not accept or proceed with any or all offers.  The opening and review of offers will not be public.  Board approval and a cultural (archaeological) clearance will be required prior to sale.  Proposals should be mailed to TRUST LANDS ADMINISTRATION Attn: Eric Baim, 675 East 500 South Suite 500, SLC, UT 84102, (801)-538-5137 or emailed (preferred) to Reference: “Tooele County Burmester Road”

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