Public Use

In general, trust lands are open to the public for responsible recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and off-highway vehicle riding. Unlike public lands, trust lands are not held in the public trust, rather, they are held in trust for 12 beneficiaries, defined and designated by Congress at statehood.  As such, recreational and other public access may be restricted, routes terminated, or areas closed at any time.

Remember public access is a privilege granted by trust land beneficiaries. Please be respectful and help to protect resources for trust beneficiaries and continued access.

Permits are required for all commercial uses and some non-commercial uses, including large group activities. Click on an activity to learn more:



Rock Climbing

Cabin Sites

Horseback Riding

Seed Collection


Hot Air Balloon Events

Snowmobile Riding


Hunting and Fishing

Social Gatherings

Christmas Trees

Jeep and 4×4 Events


Cross-Country Skiing

Metal Detecting

Target Shooting


Mountain Bike Riding

Tour Operators

Filming and Photography

OHV Riding

Training Exercises

Firewood Collection


Weddings/Family Events

Guides and Outfitters

Race Events

Helicopter Tours


Please check here for additional information on our permit requirements or Rights of Entry processes.

For a complete list of prohibited and restricted uses on trust lands, please click here for the rules.

Trail Systems on Trust Lands
The following trail systems have been developed on trust lands: