Teasdale Bench (C-26745)

Closing Costs:

These costs cannot be financed and are in addition to the 10% down payment.  All closing costs are due from the prevailing bidder at the auction.

Appraisal Costs: $2,750.00
Cultural Resources Survey: $12,896.59
Legal Advertising Cost: $600.00
Sale Processing Charge: $500.00
Application Fee: $250.00


School for the Deaf

Legal Description:

Township 29 South, Range 4 East, SLB&M
Section 15:  N½NE¼, SW¼NE¼


This property is located on Teasdale Bench approximately 1 mile northeast of Teasdale Utah, and 1 mile west of Torrey Utah.


The parcel has a county Class D dirt road which accesses the property from the Teasdale Bench road.


This parcel of land is currently vacant with scattered pinyon and juniper trees with open areas of grass and brush. It has outstanding views of the surrounding area and is in a great location. The property has federal/BLM property adjoining it on the south, north and west. It has private land adjoining on the north, east, and west. The parcel is very scenic and offers seclusion and privacy. The elevation ranges from 6,900 to 7,100 feet.


120.00 acres, more or less


This area is open to new appropriations.  The successful purchaser can file for a water right/well permit with the Division of Water Rights.


Power is available in the general area.


Once the property is sold into private ownership, zoning will be Residential/Agricultural.


Financing will be offered for this parcel.  A down payment of 10% and closing costs will be due at the auction.  The remaining balance can be financed at a variable rate of prime plus 2.5% for up to a 20 year term.

Mineral Leases:


Surface Leases:

  1. Grazing Permit No. 21970, issued to John T. Alexander (this permit will be cancelled if the property is sold).
  2. Right of Way No. 3198, issued to Garkane Power Association for a powerline.
  3. Predesignation No. 750, issued to Wayne County for a county road.

Cultural Resource Covenant:

A cultural resource survey has been conducted on the subject property.  The property will be sold subject to  reservations for a site which was identified.


  1. Please see the auction page for general disclosures and auction procedure information which pertains to all properties being offered at the auction.
  2. The property will be conveyed subject to all valid existing rights.
  3. All minerals, except the sand and gravel are reserved to Trust Lands Administration.
  4. Other disclosures, if any, will be announced at the auction.

Diane Lund
Assistant Managing Director, Surface; Land Sales Coordinator

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