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Beaver Creek Forest Enhancement Project

Since 2017 Trust Lands has been working on a sustained effort to promote long-term forest health on its 3,000-acre block of land in the Beaver Mountain area of Cache County, near the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort. The effort began with a timber harvest project designed to mimic natural fire cycles that will promote healthy forest regeneration. The harvest was also important to protect the forest from the bark beetle, pine beetle, and other pathogens that have ravaged forests throughout the western United States and to reduce fuel loading, which will help protect resort facilities from wildfire.

With the forest canopy removed, the understory (underlying seed cones) has access to light and nutrients, providing an environment where saplings can take root and eventually grow into a new, healthy, forest canopy. To help Mother Nature along, Trust Lands and its partner agency, the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, have planted about 50,000 conifer seedlings in a five-phase project beginning in 2018. Trust Lands has also partnered with the Division of Recreation, the Beaver Creek Lodge, and other winter sports enthusiasts to erect protective fencing and educate recreational users about the importance of protecting this sensitive area while these new saplings take root and become established.

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