Agency Actions

All administrative actions taken by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration are reported weekly in the Director’s Actions, a document that sets forth pertinent information used by the Agency in making decisions for the use, disposition, or acquisition of any and all lands held in trust for the benefit of the respective beneficiary.

The Director’s Actions are compiled by grouping together all actions taken, or to be taken, by each work group: Administrative, Minerals, Surface, Development, Legal, Auditing, and Accounting. These actions are reviewed by the Director, or his designee, and then finalized and signed. The signed document is considered to be the Final Agency Actions and certain actions may be appealed by aggrieved parties to the action. The process for an appeal is described briefly on the cover page of the Director’s Actions, with reference to the Administrative Rule outlining the required steps. The Director’s Actions become effective at 5 p.m.on the first business day of the week, excluding state holidays. Finalized Director’s Actions are posted chronologically to the Agency’s website for public access.

Current Agency Actions

Posting Date Appeal Date Status
6-19-2017 7-3-2017 Current
6-12-2017 6-26-2017 Current
6-5-2017 6-19-2017 Current

Other Agency Actions

  • Older Agency¬†Actions can be found on Public Agency Document Search.
  • Please note FAA is Final Agency Action. Weeks where no actions took place contain a file with a postfix of NOFAA. Combined board minutes and final agency actions are indicated by COMFAA.