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School LAND Trust Funds at Highland High School

SITLA Director Kevin Carter, Deputy Director Kim Christy, and School Children’s Trust Director Tim Donaldson had the pleasure of visiting Highland High School to learn about their Freshmen Success Program, which is funded with School LAND Trust Funds. Highland’s Freshmen Success Program gives academic and moral support to students entering the high school. Carter, Christy, and Donaldson spoke with students who said the program helped them get on track with their homework and grades, and stay on paths to success. Administrators reported the program has significantly increased passing grade and graduation rates since the program’s inception. SITLA is pleased to support Freshmen Success at Highland High School through the School LAND Trust Fund Program. SITLA generates revenues from the the 3.3 million acres of land held in trust for Utah’s public schools. Revenues are deposited into the Permanent School Fund, which has a current balance of nearly $2 billion. Interest and dividends from the Fund are distributed annually to individual K-12 public schools, and totaled nearly $40 million last year.   How is your school using its School LAND Trust Funds? Please share with us via

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