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BLM, SITLA Request Public Help to Protect Raptors

Each spring raptors return to the Indian Creek area for nesting.  Eagles, falcons, and other migratory birds use shallow depressions on ledges, cliffs and rock walls, and often return to the same site year after year to raise their young.  The BLM requests that hikers and climbers voluntarily avoid nest sites during critical nesting periods, typically in early March through late July. Avoiding use of certain climbing routes and hikes will help ensure successful fledging of young birds. BLM biologists will begin surveying nesting areas in March to determine which historic nest sites are active. Typically, by late April or early May, biologists can determine which nest sites birds have chosen to use. Walls and climbing routes without active nests will be cleared for climbing at this time. The BLM requests that climbers avoid walls with active nests until the young birds have fledged, usually by late summer.  Biologists will monitor nesting activity throughout the season and keep the climbing community and public informed of potential changes.  Notices will also be posted at trailhead areas. Please see the full BLM news release and map.

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