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Make a Payment

Online payments can be made using American Express, MasterCard, or Discover credit cards. E-checks are accepted if bank routing and account numbers are provided to allow for electronic payment.

Online payments are charged a $3.00 convenience fee. Card payments are also charged a percentage of the transaction amount.

Online payments must be made in full. We cannot process partial payments.

Only recurring and billed lease payments can be made online. Royalty payments and permit or application fees cannot be made online.

Most Trust Lands leases are billed on an annual cycle and can be paid online once that cycle has been updated. This is usually one (1) month prior to the annual due date on the lease.

How to Make a Payment Online

To pay your lease online, click the “Make a Lease Payment” button. After entering your lease number, the outstanding bill associated with your lease, the convenience fee, and the total amount due will be displayed.

Declined Payments and Late Fees

Payments must be made, postmarked, or delivered on or before the due date shown on the bill you received in the mail. Electronic or online lease payments must be posted to the website or bank account before the due date. Late fees are calculated based on the total due and are 6% or $30, whichever is greater.

The Trust Lands Administration also accepts checks, small cash payments, and electronic fund transfers via wire or ACH.

If your payment or card is declined, you are responsible for making the payment via another accepted method. A $30.00 returned check charge, or the actual charge levied by the bank, whichever is greater, will be assessed to the lease for a returned ACH or e-check. The payment must then be made with immediately available funds. If the replacement funds are received after the due date, a late fee will also be added.

You will receive a Notice of Final Agency Action via certified mail for payments not received on or before the due date. A late fee will be added to the lease, and full payment must be received within thirty (30) days from the postmark of the Notice to avoid lease cancellation.

If you have additional questions, please refer to R850-5-200(5). Payments.

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