Rockville Corridor (C-26770)

Closing Costs:

These costs cannot be financed and are in addition to the 25% down payment.  All closing costs are due from the prevailing bidder at the auction.

Appraisal Costs: $3,600.00
Cultural Resources Survey: $11,200.00
Legal Advertising Cost: $550.00
Sale Processing Charge: $500.00
Application Fee: $250.00


Public Schools

Legal Description:

Township 42 South, Range 11 West, SLB&M
Section 2: Lots 1-4, S2N2 (Less 20.30 Acres Conveyed Via ROW 2826-D and Less 1.04 Acres Conveyed Via C-26795)


The property is located in eastern Washington County, 1 mile west of Rockville, Utah.


There is public access to the parcel on SR-9 (Zion Park Scenic Byway) which bisects the parcel.


This parcel is non-irrigated steep terrain with small brush and grasses common to the area.  The eastern portion of the parcel is a plateau with surrounding steep grades.  The remainder of the parcel is punctuated with ravines and undulating hills.


298.66 Acres, More or Less


There are no known water rights included with the property.  Contact the Washington County Water Conservancy District at (435) 673-3617 for information regarding the potential for water development on the property.


There are a few power lines that bisect the eastern portion of the property.  There is also a power substation located in almost the center of the parcel.  Any potential hookup to power would require consultation with and authorization from Rocky Mountain Power Company.


Open Space 20 – Contact the city of Rockville for information on permitted uses and any potential zoning restrictions.


Financing will be offered for this parcel.  A down payment of 25% and closing costs will be due at the auction.  The remaining balance can be financed at a variable rate of prime plus 2.5% for up to a 20 year term.

Mineral Leases:


Surface Leases:

  1. ESMT 869 – Rocky Mountain Power (34.5 kv powerline)
  2. ESMT 1351 – Rocky Mountain Power (12.5kv/69kv distribution and transmission lines)
  3. ESMT 139 – Rocky Mountain Power (maintenance road)
  4. ROW 40 – Dixie Escalante Rural Electric Assoc. (powerline from 1930)
  5. ESMT 163 – Rocky Mountain Power (powerline for SULA 944)
  6. ROW 1951 – C P National (7200 volt electric powerline)
  7. ROW 2827 – UDOT (drainage facility maintenance)
  8. SULA 944 – Rocky Mountain Power (substation) (This lease will be administered by the new landowner. The current rental paid by Rocky Mountain Power each year is $940.00.)
  9. GP 23421, issued to Tracy Cox – This property will be deleted from the grazing permit upon sale of the property.
  10. GP 22189-17, issued to Willard M. Hirschi – This property will be deleted from the grazing permit upon sale of the property.

Cultural Resource Covenant:

A cultural resource review was conducted on the subject property.  The property will be sold subject to the site(s) which were identified.


  1. Please see the auction page for general disclosures and auction procedure information which pertains to all properties being offered at the auction.
  2. All mineral rights and sand and gravel rights will be reserved.
  3. The property will be conveyed subject to all valid existing rights.
  4. Other disclosures, if any, will be announced at the auction.

Diane Lund
Assistant Managing Director, Surface; Land Sales Coordinator
Kyle Pasley
Deputy Assistant Director

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