Commercial Lease Opportunity in Kane County | Offers Accepted Until April 30, 2019


The State of Utah Trust Lands Administration is seeking proposals for a lease on the following property:

Township 43 South, Range 6 West, SLB&M
Section: 16 (Approximately 600.08 Acres M/L)

Sealed bids, business plans or proposals are due no later than April 30, 2019, and should include a check in the amount of the first year’s annual rental payment and should be sent to the address below. All submittals will be evaluated pursuant R850-30-510 using the following criteria:

  1. Income potential to the Trust Land Administration
  2. Enhancement of adjacent trust lands by the proposed use
  3. Desirability of proposed use
  4. Proposed timetable for development
  5. Ability of applicant to perform

An information packet is available upon request and may be obtained by:

  • Calling Bryan Torgerson at (435) 259-7417
  • Visiting our Southeastern Area Office (address below)
  • Or emailing


Utah Trust Lands Administration
Southeastern Area Office
217 Center Street #230
Moab, UT 84532