1.62 Acres Future Roadway

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) is now accepting competing offers for a small segment of land for a future roadway within Kane County, Utah. The future roadway parcel is located in Township 43 South, Range 1 East, within Section 1 (approximately 1.62 acres) of the SLB&M.

SITLA is now soliciting competing proposals for the purchase of this land. Any qualified party interested in submitting a competing proposal may do so until 4:30 PM on Monday May 13, 2024. Proposals are to be mailed to SITLA Attn.: Aaron Langston, 1593 East Grapevine Crossing, Washington, UT 84780 (435-522-7411), or e-mail to aaronlangston@utah.gov. Reference: “1.62 Acres Future Roadway”

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