Land Sale Auctions

Competitive Mineral Lease Offering

Trust Lands takes nominations from members of the public like you for lands to be included in mineral auctions that are held January, April, July, and October. You can nominate lands online that are not currently subject to lease through our website.

Contact Dorothy Taylor for additional information:

Current Auction

East Beryl (C-27196)
TBD Minimum Bid
Iron County | 72.00 Acres
Scofield at Spring Creek – Southern Portion (C-27213)
TBD Minimum Bid
Utah County | 209.44 Acres
Widtsoe Townsite Lot (C-27203)
$18,000 Minimum Bid
Sold for $26,000
Garfield County | 1.00 Acres
Montezuma Creek Mesa (C-27186)
$232,000 Minimum Bid
Sold for $232,000
San Juan County | 46.85 Acres
Silvan Canyon Estates – Lot 6 of Block D (C-27161)
$30,000 Minimum Bid
Sold for $30,000
Kane County | 1.04 Acres
Rozel Flat (C-27180)
$445,000 Minimum Bid
Sold for $445,000
Box Elder County | 480.00 Acres
Roan Cliffs (C-27168)
$95,000 Minimum Bid
Sold for $96,000
Duchesne County | 40.00 Acres
Stuntz Flat (C-27165)
$185,400 Minimum Bid
Sold for $233,400
Uintah County | 296.62 Acres

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