Desert Color (South Block)

The Desert Color community, is located in Washington County, within St. George City. Desert Color, is generally described and bound, by the Sun River development to the West; the Arizona border to the South; the Fort Pierce Industrial Park to the North; and the Desert Canyon development to the East.  The Desert Color parcels, encompass approximately 3,400 acres.  Due to Desert Color’s acreage bandwidth, Desert Color, is one of the largest master planned communities in Washington County. SITLA staff, and the Desert Color development team have invested significant time to plan, design, and implement the Desert Color community vision.

The topography of Desert Color is unique to Southern Utah, and is characterized by the White Dome to the east of the property; a large overlook mesa to the Northwest of the property, and a significant drainage basin, or flatlands, to the Southwest where three washes, the Atkinville, Mokaac, and Lizard converge to run under I-15.

The 192 acre Sun River development, is located Immediately west of Desert Color . Sun River is the premier active adult retirement community in Utah and is approaching its build-out capacity.  Sun River caters to an active adult lifestyle with golf, tennis, and trails as amenities along with other related activities for primary or second-home residents to take enjoy.

Project Manager: Kyle Pasley

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