Fort Pierce Business Park

An industrial park south of St. George has been established on approximately 190 acres of Trust land in 1998 and has since expanded to approximately 1230 acres. Since 1998 about 530 net acres have been sold, about 170 acres are currently improved and ready for sale.

The park is a cooperative effort between state and local government, a utility company and private developers. Trust Lands provides the land, Larkin-Gifford-Jennings, private developers, provide capital and management expertise, Dixie Escalante Regional Electric Association loaned money for infrastructure and provides power rates incentives and the City of St. George loaned money for infrastructure and provides incentives for new jobs. The trust benefits from this partnership through the capture of increased value for the land. The community benefits through the creation of more jobs, an improved tax base and a well planned development. The private developers profit through application of their development expertise and capital to the project.


Project Manager: Gregg McArthur
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