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SITLA Recruiting for New Director

SITLA is recruiting for a new director to replace Kevin Carter who will retire in December after 34 years of service to trust beneficiaries. As executive manager of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, the director oversees management and administration of approximately 3.4 million acres of surface and mineral estate, and an additional 1 million acres of mineral-only estate, scattered throughout the state. The land was granted to Utah to be managed as a trust for various beneficiaries, primarily public education, and this trust mandate imposes strict fiduciary duties. Unlike traditional state government positions, the director is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of  a seven-member Board of Trustees. Concurrence from the governor is required at the time of appointment. Thereafter, the position is independent of the executive branch. The agency is self-funded with a budget of approximately $18 million. Annual revenue from SITLA operations can range from $100 million to $150 million. There are four business groups, each supervised by an Assistant Director:
  • Oil and Gas | Responsible for leasing and managing lands for the production of oil, gas and a number of other mineral products
  • Coal and Other Minerals | Responsible for leasing and managing lands for the production of coal, precious and base metals, sand and gravel, and industrial minerals such as potash and phosphate
  • Surface | Responsible for leasing and sale of land for grazing, farming, industrial and commercial uses, telecommunications sites, easements, land sales, and exchanges
  • Planning and Development | Responsible for land planning to elevate lands up the value curve, joint ventures with real-estate development entities to develop and market residential, commercial and industrial properties in select markets, and improving the land base by making prudent capital investments
Qualified candidates may review the full job description. Inquiries and resumes may be forwarded to: Corrie Steeves 801-538-1018

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