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School Trust Lands in Garfield, Millard, and San Juan Counties Available

SITLA will sell seven parcels of school trust land at its biannual public auction at 11 a.m. Wednesday, October 28 in the SITLA Board Room at 675 East 500 South, Suite 600 in Salt Lake City. Widstoe Townsite parcels A, B, and C are approximately one acre each and located in John’s Valley on State Highway 22 in Garfield County. In Millard County, SITLA offers the 640-acre Antelope Valley parcel, which is located approximately 11 miles south of Garrison, Utah near the Utah/Nevada state line. The Gordon Reservoir parcel, located in San Juan County, is approximately 80 acres and is located three miles north of Monticello and three miles west of Highway 191 on Gordon Reservoir Road. Also located in San Juan County, the 640-acre Iron Springs Canyon parcel is approximately 12 miles northeast of Monticello. The 26.5-acre Old LaSal Cabin parcel is located on the north side of County Road 46 approximately 2 miles northeast of LaSal, Utah. Learn more on the land sale website or call 801-538-5163 and toll-free at 877-526-3725. All proceeds from sales of these school trust lands will be deposited into the Permanent School Fund. Interest and dividends from this $2 billion trust fund are distributed annually to Utah’s public schools and totaled $45.8 million last year.

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