Target shooting is generally allowed on trust lands, subject to the following restrictions.  Failure to follow the rules may result in closures of certain areas to target shooting.

  • Only targets manufactured or assembled for target shooting purposes may be used (no household items may be used)
  • No targets that explode, ignite, shatter, or pose a hazard to people, animals, or property may be used (clay pigeons are allowed)
  • All targets, debris, and spent shells must be cleaned up and removed from the land after use
  • Shooting of signs, fences, or other property is not allowed
  • No shooting is allowed within 50 feet of a water source
  • Any state and local shooting rules and closures should be followed on trust lands


For a more complete list of prohibited and restricted uses on trust lands, please click here for the rules.

Lake Mountain Shooting Closure Area – Click here for a map of the closure area located west of Utah Lake.

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