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Agricultural Leases

The Trust Lands Administration is willing to lease its land for agricultural practices in appropriate locations. Current agricultural leases on trust lands include fields for growing crops, irrigated pastures, irrigation diversions and settling ponds, orchards, corrals, and pipelines.

To apply for an agricultural lease, complete the form titled Lease of Trust Land Application and Lease of Trust Land – Supplemental Application.  No fees need to be submitted until the application is accepted by the Trust Lands Administration. Once the application is submitted, the following approximate fees are involved:

  • Application Fee – $250.00
  • Advertising Fee – Approximately $200.00 (based on newspaper public notice fees)
  • Processing Fee – $700.00 (contract preparation)
  • Archaeology Survey Costs – Approximately $25.00/acre (based on location and archaeological determination)
  • First Year Lease Rental – $600.00 Minimum (based on acreage, prime interest rates, land values, crops, etc.)


Contact Information for Agricultural Leasing:

Mike Healy – (801) 538-5159