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Right of Entry Permits

The uses listed below are generally allowed on trust lands; however, right of entry permits are required for commercial use of trust lands. In addition, some non-commercial events may also require a right of entry permit (size of event and equipment being used are factors).  There are consequences for misuse of trust lands, please contact us for more information about whether or not a permit is required through the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page.


Helicopter Tours

Mountain Biking

Social Gatherings



OHV Riding


Cross-Country Skiing

Horseback Riding

Races / Competitive Events

Training Exercises


Hot Air Balloon Events

Rock Climbing

Weddings/Family Gatherings



Seismic Surveys

Wilderness Therapy

Guiding and Outfitting

Jeeping/4×4 Events

Snowmobile Use

To determine whether a permit is needed for these uses or for other uses and to find contact information, please see the handbook linked below.

For a complete list of prohibited and restricted uses on trust lands, please click here for the rules.