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Right of Entry Permits

Rights of Entry permits are required for all commercial use and some non-commercial use activities on trust lands.

Examples of commercial uses requiring Rights of Entry permits, include: commercial guiding and outfitting, competitive events, filming and photography, and wilderness therapy.

Non-commercial uses that negatively impact trust lands may also require Rights of Entry permits, such as somelarge group campouts, weddings, church or school-sponsored events, club or group activities, and scientific studies or monitoring.

Permits or other authorization are not required for non-commercial hunting and fishing, wildlife viewing, short-term and low-impact camping, low-impact activities and recreation such as hiking or horseback riding, and biking or OHV use on designated routes.

Anyone conducting activities requiring a Right of Entry permit without said permit may be subject to civil and criminal penalties set forth in Utah Code § 53C-2-301.

Please view our Right of Entry Handbook for additional information on whether you need a permit or use the Contact Us button at the top of this page to ask any Right of Entry questions.