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Competitive Mineral Lease Offering




Competitive offerings are conducted online through EnergyNet. For more on the bidding process visit the EnergyNet government listings information page or call (877) 351-4488.

Current & Recent Activity



Nominations are accepted online through our competitive mineral leasing nomination form

Oil, gas, and associated hydrocarbons parcel nomination inquiries should be directed to Research Analyst Dorothy Taylor

Mining commodity parcel nomination inquiries should be directed to Mineral Resource Specialist Jerry Mansfield

When nominating lands, please use township-range-section-quarter-quarter descriptions. Nominations will be reviewed and approved by the Agency before being offered for competitive bidding. Use our SITLA Digital Plat Map for reference.



  • Certain oil, gas, and associated hydrocarbons leasing units that do not receive bids by the closing of each offering may be re-offered according to the offering schedule.
  • Bidding may occur during a three-month period until all units are leased or until the closing date of the next quarterly competitive offering, whichever comes first.
  • Reoffering bids will be accepted during set intervals as organized by EnergyNet.

For mining commodity leasing units, please contact Mineral Resource Specialist Jerry Mansfield.



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