GIS Data and Maps

GIS Data and Services:

GIS Policy: The SITLA GIS group asks all consultants, engineers, contractors and/or surveyors to submit legal descriptions for all new applications in a digital format. The digital data are required to adhere to the GIS Data Deliverable Standards Policy.

GIS Data: Access ownership, contracts and exchange parcels and special project data as gis map image services, feature services and downloadable map layers


County Maps: Ownership maps clipped to county boundaries. Maps provided in 11×17 format.

Current Events Maps:  Current events, special interest and “hot topic” maps are posted here

Online Maps: Online, interactive GIS maps

Ownership Maps: Statewide surface land status and administration, Trust Lands mineral estate, wilderness and special project maps. Available to download or view in small (8×10) and large (36×48) format.


Online Digital Plat Map:

Digital Plat Map: A web map application that brings together Trust Lands business and spatial data sources to provide users access to detailed contract and ownership data. It is a publicly accessible web based map that has replaced historic paper plats.