Mining Fee Schedule

The Trust Lands Administration may assess a fee for services other than those listed at a rate reasonable to cover the costs incurred.

Assessment Fees
Affidavit of Lost Document (per document)
Certified Copies (per document)
Fax (send only - per page including cover)
Late Fees (whichever amount is greater)
6% or $30.00
Name Change On Administrative Records:
Mineral Contract (per Lease)
Surface Contract (per Document)
Reproduction Of Records:
Self-service (per copy)
By Staff (per copy)
Research on Leases or Title by Staff (per hour)
General Electronic Payment Fees
UII Transaction Fee
E Check Fee
Bank Charge Fee
Mining Application Fees
Mineral Lease Application Fee
Mineral Materials Permit
Sand & Gravel Materials Permit
Mining Assignment Fees
Collateral/Deed of Trust
Materials Permit (Sand and Gravel)
Overriding Royalty
Record Title
Mining Processing Fees
Sand & Gravel Materials Permit
Mining Rockhounding Permit
Association/Group Permit
Individual Permit