Oil and Gas Fee Schedule

The Trust Lands Administration may assess a fee for services other than those listed at a rate reasonable to cover the costs incurred.

Please note an increase to assignment fees, effective July 1, 2019.

Oil & Gas Application/Assignment Fees
Application Fee
Collateral/Deed of Trust
Conversion of Active Oil & Gas Lease to Current Lease Provisions Form
Name Change or Merger
Operating Rights
Overriding Royalty
Record Title
Assessment Fees
Affidavit of Lost Document (per document)
Certified Copies (per document)
Fax (send only - per page including cover)
Late Fees (whichever amount is greater)
6% or $30.00
Name Change On Administrative Records:
Mineral Contract (per Lease)
Surface Contract (per Document)
Reproduction Of Records:
Self-service (per copy)
By Staff (per copy)
Research on Leases or Title by Staff (per hour)
General Electronic Payment Fees
UII Transaction Fee
E Check Fee
Bank Charge Fee