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Acts, Laws, Codes, and Rules
Beginning with the Utah Enabling Act of 1894, a series of actions created the Trust Lands Administration. Learn about the acts and rules that established the Agency, and which govern its daily business activities. These acts and rules also identify the beneficiaries of Utah's trust lands.
Agency Actions
Review the Director’s Actions, which detail the administrative actions taken by the Agency. These documents are prepared and finalized each week by the director’s office and set forth information used by the Agency’s business groups to make decisions for the use, disposition, or acquisition of lands held in trust for each beneficiary.
The Administration employs cultural resource management professionals who assist the agency in its compliance with Utah code. Also, the Utah Resource Development Coordinating Committee, and departments of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources review and regulate many trust lands projects.
The Administration works to monitor and audit all activity on Utah’s trust lands, and the businesses working on trust lands, to ensure beneficiaries receive all revenue generated on their behalf.
Policy & Resolution
Find board policy statements and resolutions.