Agricultural Leases
SITLA leases land for agricultural use in select locations.
The Cultural Resource Management Group helps SITLA comply with Utah code to protect cultural and natural resources.
Commercial Leases
SITLA maximizes revenues for its beneficiaries by leasing property for commercial use.
The Surface Group issues easements, rights of entry, and timber and grazing permits.
Forestry Program
SITLA offers several timber sales each year.
Contact the Surface Group for grazing and other surface use permits.
Governmental Leases
This program issues all leases to governmental entities, from local service districts to federal and state agencies.
Industrial Leases
Industrial special use leases may be issued for oil and gas processing plants, compressor stations, wastewater disposal facilities, and other uses.
Land Sales
SITLA holds auctions biannually for a limited number of trust land parcels.
Mining Commodities
Stone, clay, coal, gypsum, shale, sand, gravel, limestone, phosphate, and potash.
Mining Leases
The Mining Group leases trust lands for coal and other product extraction.
Oil and Gas
Contact the Oil and Gas Group regarding assets on trust lands.
Property Planning & Development
The Development Group works with developers to serve Utah's growing communities.
Planning and Development Projects
Current projects within the Property Planning and Development Group.
Renewable Energy Leases
This program processes and administers all renewable energy leases including: solar and wind energy development, and biomass gas.
Many trust lands are open for responsible recreation use, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and off-highway vehicle use.
Residential Leases
The location of some trust lands may lend themselves to residential development.
Rights of Entry
The Surface Group issues easements, rights of entry, and timber and grazing permits.
Rockhounding Information
Contact us for information on collecting minerals or rocks on trust lands.
Surface Leases
The Surface Group makes surface lands available for a variety of purposes.
Telecommunication Leases
Contact the Surface Group to lease surface rights for telecommunications and other uses.