Board of Trustees










The Board of Trustees of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration meets several times annually to review and consider all trust lands business. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings. Please Note: Meetings are subject to change, please visit the Utah Public Notice website for current meetings and agendas.


2017 Board Meetings:

January 6 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
January 19 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
March 16 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
April 20 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
May 2 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
May 18 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
June 15 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
June 28 | Tour – Tabby Block
July 9 – 13 | WSLCA Conference
August 17 | Salt Lake City | Agenda
September 20-21 | Meeting and Tour
October 19 | Salt Lake City
November 16 | Salt Lake City
December 21 | Meeting as needed



Six trustees are appointed to six-year terms by the governor, who makes the appointments from a list of nominees supplied to him from a nominating committee. The seventh at-large member of the Board of Trustees is appointed at the pleasure of the Governor. The Board of Trustees selects its officers from within its ranks.

James M. Lekas
Board Chair
President and owner of Lexco Inc. producer of Gilsonite
Background: Research and development, oil shale
Vernal, Utah
Term Expires: Jun 30, 2017
Thomas W. Bachtell
Board Vice Chair
Chief Executive Officer of Wind River Resources Corporation
Background: Resource development and the practice of law
Salt Lake City, Utah
Term Expires: Jun 30, 2018
Scott O. Ruppe
Board Member
Chief Financial Officer, Brady Trucking
Background: Business and water rights issues
Vernal, Utah
Term Expires: Jun 30, 2019
Lonnie M. Bullard
Board Member
Chairman of the Board, Jacobsen Construction Company
Background: Finance, Real Estate Development and Commercial Construction
Farmington, Utah
Term Expires: Jun 30, 2020
Roger E. Barrus
Board Member
Background: Oil and gas, real estate development, business management, and legislative service
Centerville, Utah
Term Expires: Jun 30, 2021
Donald G. Foot
Board Member
President and CEO Veragold Corporation
Background: Metallurgical engineer, corporate development and management.
Fruit Heights, Utah
Term Expires: Jun 30, 2022
Michael Mower
Board Member
Deputy Chief of Staff and State Planning Coordinator in the Governor's Office
Background: Coordinating state planning and public lands initiatives
Salt Lake City, Utah

Term does not expire; serves at the pleasure of the governor.
Nannette Johnson
Administrative Assistant to the Board