Beneficiary | College of Mines and Earth Sciences at the University of Utah

The University of Utah College of Mines and Earth Sciences is one of 12 beneficiaries of Utah’s trust lands. SITLA generates revenue from the 62,057 acres of land held in trust for the college, and deposits the revenue into a Permanent Fund. Interest and dividends from this permanent trust, along with all non-land sale revenues, are distributed to the College of Mines annually.

The College of Mines and Earth Sciences uses these funds to assist it in its mission, which is: “To educate and prepare professional earth scientists, geological engineers and earth science educators, meteorologists, and atmospheric scientists, physical and extractive metallurgists, mineral separation experts, and mining engineers. To engage in scholarly research activities in geology, geophysics, geological engineering, meteorology, physical and extractive metallurgy, mineral separation, and mining engineering. To disseminate newly acquired knowledge through timely publication of original research by faculty and students in all of the above fields. To educate the University community and the public about the composition and structure of Earth, processes that shape it, and its history and future. To provide professional service by providing knowledge about natural resources, methods of natural resource extraction, safety in industrial activities, metals extraction and modification, geologic hazards, the environment, and a sustainable Earth.”

College of Mines and Earth Sciences at the University of Utah
Historical Distributions and Permanent Fund Balances

Fiscal Year Annual Distributions Fund Balance
2019 $142,232 $5,400,612
2018 $133,950 $4,752,429
2017 $298,270 $4,037,842
2016 $183,440 $3,814,529
2015 $170,286 $3,863,684
2014 $241,009 $3,740,528
2013 $219,105 $3,270,692
2012 $352,878 $2,964,447
2011 $194,775 $2,984,445
2010 $166,622 $2,511,063
2009 $82,519 $2,356,892
2008 $467,811 $2,858,832
2007 $150,324 $2,861,139
2006 $141,091 $1,456,262
2005 $86,178 $1,422,423
2004 $35,130 $1,346,678
2003 $14,292 $1,179,461