Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 63G-2-203(2)(ii), SITLA is entitled to recover the cost of staff time for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs for complying with the subject request.  In accordance with Utah Code Ann. 63G-2-203(2)(b), these charges will be set at the actual salary costs for the staff member compiling the records.

These costs include searching, retrieving, and compiling emails.  The staff member or members who have email responsive to your request will search, retrieve and compile those email and you will be charged for their time.  Please be as specific as possible to limit time and charges for gathering records.

If records require segregation and/or redaction, you will be charged for the staff time that is required to prepare such records.

Depending on the type of records requested, there may also be printing/copying costs.  Please note that reproducing maps can be costly.

If the type and volume of records requested will exceed your stated limit, you will be notified before work begins on the request.

If you request a large volume of records, or records that require staff work, you will be contacted with the estimated cost of providing records.  You may be required to send payment prior to SITLA beginning the records gathering process.  If our costs to produce the records are less, you will be given a refund.  If the costs are greater, you will be notified.  We will begin working on your request after receiving payment.

If you have not paid for records that were produced for you in the past, SITLA will not respond to a new GRAMA request without prepayment.

Copy Fees

Photo copies

Self-service (per copy)           $0.10

By Staff (per copy)                 $0.40

Maps are priced individually to copy