You have the right to appeal the denial of records to the director of SITLA.  Please address any appeal to David Ure, Director, at 675 East 500 South, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102.  Please note the appeal process for a GRAMA response.



Additionally, SITLA rules regarding appeals are as follows:

R850-6-700. Appeal of Determination. (8/1/1994)(12/1/1994)(10/20/2010)(12/1/2010)

  1. Any person aggrieved by an access or status request determination including a person not a party to the agency proceeding may, within 30 days after the determination, appeal the determination to the director by submitting a notice of appeal either on a form provided by the agency or another legible written document which contains the following information: the petitioner’s name, mailing address and daytime telephone number (if available); and the relief sought.
  2. Upon receiving the notice of appeal and review of relevant information including that submitted with the appeal and criteria prescribed in Sections 63G-2-204, 63G-2-603, and 53C-2-102, the director may:

(a) uphold the original classification or status request determination; or,

(b) reclassify the record if he believes the original classification was incorrect; or,

(c) release the record regardless of its classification if the director believes that the interest of the public in obtaining access to the record outweighs the interest of the agency in prohibiting access to the record.