LaSal Mountains Travel Management Plan

The Trust Lands Administration manages two large properties on the east side of the La Sal Mountain Range in Grand and San Juan Counties. In early 2009, the agency determined that it was necessary to develop a travel management plan to curtail resource damage that was occurring due to undisciplined recreation by the public.  This project was the first of its kind for the agency and will serve as a model for future planning efforts on other trust lands throughout the state.

The travel management plan was developed using input from several stakeholder groups including Grand County, San Juan County, SPEAR, Ride with Respect, Utah State Parks & Recreation, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, US Forest Service, Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’, adjacent property owners, and grazing permittees.  Using this collaborative process, the agency was successful in developing and implementing a travel management plan that balanced the need for protection of the various resources on the property with the present and future use of these resources for the trust beneficiaries, while taking into consideration the public’s desire for mountain and outdoor recreation.