Camping is allowed on most trust lands throughout the state for up to 15 consecutive days. Any use longer than 15 days requires that you obtain a right of entry permit.  Protect your privilege to camp on trust lands by observing the following:

  • Limit camping to existing campsites.
  • Select a campsite on a durable surface or non-vegetated area at least 200 feet from water.
  • Do not camp in wet areas or fragile meadows.
  • Observe all fire restrictions and regulations.  If you must build a fire, use an existing fire ring.  LEAVE CAMPFIRES DEAD OUT.
  • No garbage collection is provided:  PACK-IT-IN, PACK-IT-OUT.
  • Use stationary toilet facilities where available or your own portable toilet whenever possible.  When a toilet is not available, bury solid human waste 6-8 inches deep.
  • Firewood may be removed from trust lands through permit only.  Campfire wood collection of dead and downed wood is allowed.
  • DO YOUR PART by modeling appropriate behavior and leaving the area better than you found it.