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Forestry Program

There are more than 150,000 acres of forested trust lands in Utah, or 860,000 acres if pinyon pine and juniper are counted. More than 35,000 acres of these forested trust lands have commercial value. The Trust Lands Administration offers several timber sales each year and are purchased by local sawmills, which make various timber products. The species most often purchased are Douglas fir, Engleman spruce, lodgepole pine, and aspen.

Forestry Program Manager:  Adam Robison – (435) 820-0067


2019 Tabby Mountain Aspen Regeneration Project
SITLA completed this project with a private contractor to protect the forest from catastrophic wildfire and improve wildlife habitat.


2017-2019 Beaver Mountain Timber Harvest Project:
SITLA is working with a private contractor to protect the forest and area recreation opportunities it provides.
Learn more about this harvest project.