Business Groups

Learn more about business opportunities on 3.4 million acres of trust lands and 1.1 million acres of mineral estate or contact us directly for additional information:

  • Mining: Leases trust lands to generate revenue from coal, oil shale, bitumen, potash, and phosphate; construction materials such as sand and gravel, rock aggregate, and high-quality limestone products; and copper, beryllium and uranium.
  • Oil and Gas: Leases trust lands for oil and gas exploration; works with the energy industry creating opportunities to generate short- and long-term revenues.
  • Surface: Leases surface rights for telecommunication, commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes; issues easements, rights of entry, timber and grazing permits; conducts land sales and exchanges, and administers water rights.
  • Property Planning and Development: Works with private real estate developers to provide residential, commercial, and industrial development in Utah’s growing communities.