GIS Group Contacts
Jessica Kirby
Jessica Kirby
GIS Manager, GISP
Ownership Specialist
Project Manger
ArcGIS Online
(801) 538-5141
Kate Staley
Kate Staley
GIS Analyst II, GISP
Contract coordinator
Right of Way
(801) 538-5147
Barry Biediger
Barry Biediger
GIS Analyst I, GISP
Surface contract coordinator
Right of Entry
Grazing application
Timber and Fire Management
Hard Rock
801) 538-5146
Megan Southwick
Megan Southwick
GIS Analyst I
Property Planning
Development Specialist
LiDAR and 3D Analyst
(801) 538-5172

Maps (GIS)

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Group provides mapping services, spatial analysis, and digital project management for Information Technology and GIS-related needs for the administration and its beneficiaries. We work closely with each SITLA business group, other state and federal agencies, and the public to provide powerful tools that add leverage to planning and decision making.



Effective May 5, 2014 12:00pm, The Utah Recreational Land Exchange has been completed and accepted. Surface and Mineral ownership GIS layer has been updated of May 19, 2014.  Please contact the GIS Group 801-538-5141 for more information.


Access the Digital Plat Map
  • Digital Plat Map:  Use any web browser (chrome is recommended for best performance) to search surface and mineral ownership parcels, view active contract, leases, permits and development activities,  view contract related documents and reports, discover historic plats and documents
GIS Data, Services and Maps
  • GIS Data and Printed Maps:   Access SITLA GIS  data, REST api, Map Images and Feature Services, Print County and Statewide maps, access online maps
SITLA Maps at your Finger Tips!  Access a variety of theme based maps and apps
  • Online Maps :  View maps, story maps and web apps on your desktop computer or tablet by way of any web browser using the ArcGIS Online SITLA Map Portal
  • Mobile Solutions:   View maps and apps  via the Esri App for IOS, Windows 8 or Android
    • Download the ArcGIS App on your mobile devise
    • Search for” SITLA” to discover Groups and maps, have access to SITLA GIS anytime, anywhere!